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Automatic Fishing Rod --🔥

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🎏Automatic fishing rod design, easy operation and more sensitive, never miss any fish.

🎏Extremely sensitive, adjustable length adapts to a different fishing condition which is a nemesis for fishing all kinds of fish.

🎏Sensitive, no float bracket, no need to guard,High-quality ground stand, more convenient and wind-resistant.

🎣Fishing is a pretty relaxing hobby😊. You can just spend the day enjoying nature, waiting for the fish to bite.😋 But I guess it can be frustrating if you never catch anything.🤔 In that case, it might be time to upgrade your fishing game with this new fishing rod holder. This unique fishing tool automatically pulls back when the fish is hooked.

🎣Using an innovative way of stringing the line through a hook on the device, it becomes a super sensitive way of detecting when a fish is on the line and will immediately pull back on the rod to set the line.

🎣There are two different sensitive way to string on the rod holder, the upper location fits in big fish(over 50lb), the lower position shown in the gif fits in small fish(about 10lb), it will never misfire, using your practical and experienced fishing skills to find a good place, put on bait, set up your hook, then enjoying the quiet and relaxing time of waiting and harvest, our rod will only pull back when a fish hits the hook, and it can stand high weight. It will increase what you're bringing home, and at the same time, you can totally enjoy the fun of fishing.

🎣High flexibility and strong bearing capacity🎣Good appearance, add a sense of pleasure to fishing

🎏Improving the fun of fishing and fishing efficiency, no matter fishing alone or with friends or your little boy.

🎏Ergonomic sponge handle design gives you a comfortable touch feeling

🎏Lightweight and portable easily fit in a car trunk, boat hatch or backpack.

Size Section Opened Length Retracted Length
1.8m 5 175cm/5.74ft 59cm/1.94ft
2.1m 5 205cm/6.72ft 59cm/1.94ft
2.4m 6 235cm/7.70ft 61cm/2ft
2.7m 6 265cm/8.69ft 61cm/2ft

Above all data are manual measurement,there will be some deviation,please understand.
if you mind it,please don't order.


  • 1 x Fishing Rod, 1 x Storing Bag
- The reel in the pictures is not included.
- Please draw out all rods before bending to prevent it from breaking off.